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Inquiry is an incredibly powerful tool that can lead us to greater freedom, openness and connection with self.

Until we have experienced the power of inquiry, we may not realize the power our thinking has over our physical, emotional and energetic state of being.

Our perception does create our subjective reality.

The process of inquiry is simple.  All it takes is an open mind and a willingness to see the truth.

Are you ready?

What is Somatic Inquiry?


Parts Work

Somatic Presencing

A very simple but direct questioning of our thoughts, behaviors and assumptions we make about life.

The process of meeting and integrating the different aspects of ourself to allow for a greater sense of wholeness.

Bringing our conscious awareness to our emotions and felt sensations in the body without story or meaning.

Work with Me

I bring 20+ years of inquiry practice, along with training and study in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Meditation, Brain Retraining Methodology, Transpersonal Psychology, Hana Somatics, Holotropic Breathwork and more...


The process I have developed over time is strongly influenced by 'The Work' of Bryon Katie, but has evolved to include both Parts Work and Somatic Presencing.


I have absolute faith in this process as well as my ability to guide you through the the unconscious web of sensation, emotion and belief, leading you right back into connection with your true authentic self.


Throughout our sessions, I share the immediate and direct insights I receive in order to help you see what is really true, and effortlessly let go of what is not serving you.

Expect 'ah ha' moments

Expect laughter

Expect a greater sense of ease

Expect greater connection with self

I love this work for relationships

I love this work for issues of shame and guilt

I love this work for addiction and trauma

I love this work! 


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7 Elements Podcast - Episode #18

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Forgiving Others

When I worked with you, I feel like I was able to go deeper and release the parts that were holding onto the story! And did not abandon myself, because you helped teach me to stay, and hold space for myself.  Your work is  profound and your compassion and presence is golden.

Michele Palmer

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